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Our Dedicated Water Heater Team Is The Best In The Business

The number one plumbing problem in the Annandale is poor water heater performance. This can be anything from an inconsistent flow of hot water to a complete catastrophic failure. Our Annandale water heater repair team is comfortable working with both tankless and conventional water heaters. Not only that, we work on every single make and model that has been produced in the last 30 years including State, Rinnai, Bradford White, Takagi, GE, Whirlpool, Rheem and many others.

Our Annandale plumbers offer a ten point water heater systems safety and maintenance service that covers the entire hot water system in your home. Alt Text

• Thermostat
• T&P Valve
• Sacrificial Anode
• Water Inlet Connection
• Electric Heating Element or Gas Regulator Valve
• External Tank Corrosion Check
• Emergency Shut Off Valve
• Sediment Check and Flush
• Fitting Check and Tightening
• Scale Build Up Check

The majority of hot water heating issues in Annandale come from a faulty thermostat. In most cases a new thermostat is the best option for a fix because once a thermostat fails, even if it is simply a stuck spring mechanism, the chances it will fail again are exponentially higher.

Common Water Heater Issues

Another common issue we see is poorly maintained systems that have a large sediment build up in the base of the tank. This is usually because the homeowner doesn't realize that it's happening. The sacrificial anode in the tank combines with rust causing elements in the tank water to prevent the interior of the tank from rusting. The solid particles fall from the anode to the bottom of the tank and begin to build up. This is a design feature of most conventional water heaters. Sediment build up can lead to poor water heating in gas units and scaleWater Heater Repair from our specialist build-up in electrical units. It can also lead to a bacterial colony growing in the sediment causing a rotten egg smell in your water. The best way to combat this is to flush the system at least once a year.

A less common, but potentially deadly problem with conventional water heaters is a stuck T&P valve. This is the temperature and pressure release valve and its job is to prevent the tank from overheating and building up internal pressure which could cause the tank to explode.

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